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Your compe tent partner for drilling & milling tasks and precise diamond sawing - UKdima
Specialising in distribution and manufacture of highest quality diamond tools & associated machinery

Diamond Wire Saws Diamond Blades & Tools

UkDima - for diamond wire saws and diamond wire sawing blades, Scotland Wire saws were first developed in the stone quarry industry, and diamond wire saws have been used in concrete demolition work to cut reinforced concrete since the early 1980s.

Diamond wire saws are more efficient than circular saws, and are able to cut concrete of almost any thickness.
This makes themthe ideal tool for the kind of heavy demolition found in bridges, dams and simi1ar concrete structures. In addition, they create little dust, noise and vibration, making them ideal for demolition work in or close to residential structures.

Diamond tool Products from UKdima

  • Diamond Wire Saws,  Diamond Beaded Wire
  • Diamond Core Bits
  • Diamond Blades
  • Electric Drilling Motors
  • Drilling Rigs

UKdima diamond wire saws and sawing machines can be seen on Albacut Diamond Wire Saws & Tools page

Avant Loaders & TOPTEC Demolition Machines

Avant Skid steer and articulated loadersdiamond quarry wire beaded

UKdima are the Scottish main agents for AVANT Tecno

Avant Tecno the manufacturer of AVANT loaders, was founded in 1991.

There are some 15.000 AVANT loaders already in operation all over the world. You can see it almost anywhere: AVANT sales networks covers the whole of Europe, in the east it extends to Australia, in the west to the United States.

AVANT manufactures using the most modern production methods and benefits from production in series. Quality control, testing and extensive test run for every machine prior to delivery are the essential features of AVANT quality system.

TOPTEC Remote controlled robotic demolition machines

The machines are commonly found in the specialist branches of steel plants, the nuclear industry, cement plants, demolition contractors etc. Top Tec also manufactures tailor made units to meet specific needs.

UKdima - sole importers for TopTec Special Machines and remote demolition machines

Millar Reid with one of UKdima's diamond cutting tools

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